“A piece of high drama, soaring vocals, and intense emotion.”

Tim Bowler, BBC News

“Electrifying and earth-shaking”  – translated from the original Estonian

Saale Kareda, Eesti Kultuurileht “SIRP” (Estonian Cultural Journal)

“This work is one almighty claxon for today’s listeners as much as it is a wake-up call for the world.”

George Parris, Musica Nova Festival

“The most stunning and divisive work at the festival…Berliner Philharmoniker’s gorgeous postmodern music written by Eugene Birman and conducted by Stanley Dodds.”

Helmi Yusof, Business Times (SG)

“Magnificent and compelling…as powerful and moving as it was undoubtedly original and thought-provoking.”

Keith Potter, OPERA magazine

“Wonderfully enlivened…what results is a work of simple command and clean execution…It’s subtle, but it’s all there.”

Samuel Breen, The Independent

“By far the most boldly radical and ambitious music heard during the entire festival…genuinely incredible and unforgettable.”

Simon Cummings, 5:4