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A new festival marking a collaboration between Banco Santander, the University of Oxford, and the Conservatorio Provincial Luis Gianneo, Voice of Argentina presents the exciting music and ideas of living and expat Argentine composers. Created by composers Eugene Birman and Luis Tenaglia, Voice of Argentina is the first trans-continental festival of Argentine new music and the first to examine the historic and cultural inspiration behind both well-known and emerging composers of the 21st century.

a new beginning: avant-garde music from a new generation

Mar del Plata, Argentina / Alianza Francesa / 8pm

with Alexis Nicolet, Mario Romano, Geraldina de Angeli, Pablo Clavijo,

Martin Devoto and concert artistic director, Marcelo Perticone


Music that has traveled from one side of the world to another; music that has changed and yet kept its traditions, customs, ideas; music of two continents but defined by a new land - Argentina. Featuring Mar del Plata-based, internationally renowned composer Marcelo Perticone, and an emerging voice in his own right, Luis Tenaglia, Voice of Argentina contextualizes their inimicable music with that of Argentine expatriate composers Noam Faingold, Matias Hancke, and the Argentien debut of composer Spencer Topel. In the British tour of the festival, guided by conductor Cayenna Ponchione, audiences will be reminded of the looming figure of a Marplatense known around the world: Astor Piazzolla.


Concerts for all - the divide of oceans and hemispheres should hardly prevent the ability for music to reach new audiences today. Live streaming of concerts in addition to interactive content like scores, program notes, and programs allow for the experience of each concert to be shared between the UK and Argentina. The interactive portion of this website opens in June 2014.


Please direct all inquiries to: online@eugenebirman.com

15  nov

20  jun

16  nov


symphonic landscape: origins of identity 

Oxford, UK / Christ Church Cathedral / 8pm

with the Christ Church Music Society and concert artistic director Cayenna Ponchione


future voices: the sounds of a nation

Oxford, UK / Christ Church Upper Library / 1pm

with the Christ Church Music Society and concert artistic directors Eugene Birman and Luis Tenaglia