mar 2017

apr 2017

26 Festival Archipel 2017. Alhambra, Geneva, Switzerland 5pm. Orchestre Symphonique Ose! and conductor Daniel Kawka present Manifesto (2013/r. 2014) in its Swiss debut.

26 Festival Archipel 2017. Alhambra, Geneva, Switzerland 10:30am. A public workshop-dress rehearsal and lecture on Manifesto (2013/r. 2014).

may 2017

16 Anu Põder. Be Fragile! Be Brave! Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn, Estonia 6pm. Resonabilis reunites for the first time in two years to present I awoke and there were no walls to shield me from the moonlight (2011) at the nation’s leading museum.

jun 2017

20 Cattedrale di San Martino, Lucca, Italy 9pm. Dario Ribechi conducts La Bottega Musicale and the voci bianchi della Cappella S. Cecilia di Lucca, in a performance of Stabat Mater (2015).

jul 2017

10 Klaaspärlimäng Festival. St John’s Church, Tartu, Estonia 10pm. Klaaspärlimäng Sinfonietta premieres Hiroshima (2015), my contribution to Ülo Vihma’s ambitious cycle on the bombing’s seventieth anniversary.

aug 2017

sep 2017

oct 2017

07 Kindred Spirits Arts Programs. Milford Theatre, Milford, PA, USA 7:30pm PUBLIQuartet presents my String Quartet (2013) as part of their Reinventing Baroque program.

16 Camerata, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland 7:30pm. Nils Schweckendiek conducts the spectacular Helsinki Chamber Choir in the world premiere of the full Lamentations (2012-2016) at Finland’s premiere concert concert venue.

nov 2017

23 Trauma&Revival, European National Institutes of Culture. Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland 10:30am. Public presentation of Russia Today (2017-19).

dec 2017

jan 2018

18 Trauma&Revival, European National Institutes of Culture. kim? Contemporary Arts Centre, Riga, Latvia 6pm. Scott Diel and I present a workshop for our next project, Russia Today (2017-19).

12 Organo, Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland 2pm. Sirkku Rintamäki reprises the now-infamous middle movement of State of the Union (2015-16) at her end-of-year solo recital at Finland’s Musikkitalo.

feb 2018